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Digital Marketing and how to gain exposure for your film | Santa Fe Film Festival

I Just wanted to share an upcoming presentation I will be teaching at the Santa Fe Film Festival. The presentation is about marketing films and reaching wider audiences!

Tell Your Story With Tech: Digital Marketing and how to gain exposure for your film

Filmmakers have a lot of roles when it comes to producing a film. The marketing portion plays a key role in the success of a film but often doesn’t get enough attention. Audiences today are overloaded with content and to get their attention, it requires more than just traditional marketing. Julian Nunez, a filmmaker, and digital marketing specialist understands the value of utilizing technology and the right tools to engage your audience. Filmmakers already have the tools to create quality content, learn how to leverage that to build your platform and connect with people online. Register at:

Julian is a filmmaker and digital marketing specialist from Columbus, NM. He graduated from New Mexico State University | Creative Media Institute in 2012. He has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from country music, documentary films, real estate, and digital marketing. Julian is known for ‘De la Luz’, an awarding winning film spotlighting the immigration crisis in the southwest. He created the series “La Vida Buena”, an ongoing project to spotlight restaurants that have struggled as a result of the pandemic. His background in marketing has helped him build a successful business that provides the tools to other filmmakers to reach audiences worldwide.


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